The Twin Cities Series is a collaborative set of novellas written by a number of different authors including Drew Avera, J.B. Cameron, Kedrick Rue, and Theresa Snyder.

The people of Minnesota believe the twin cities to be Minneapolis and St. Paul, but what they don't realize is the name actually refers to a parallel dimension known as The Realms, where creatures of myth roam freely.

Humans stand only a dimensional barrier away from the most terrifying and horrible monsters imaginable, but there are a select few who answer the cries for help, who guard the world of mankind and keep it safe from harm.

The Realms can be a place of great danger, as well as great beauty, where love and loss can be sudden and significant, but make no this world, humanity is just another word for powerless.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

NIGHTFALL Chapter 1 Preview

Pre-orders are available on Amazon and Smashwords for NIGHTFALL, the latest urban fantasy tale in The Twin Cities Series collection. Now you can catch a glimpse of the tale awaiting you inside the pages of this world-changing adventure. Enjoy the first chapter before the book's official release on November 19.

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