The Twin Cities Series is a collaborative set of novellas written by a number of different authors including Drew Avera, J.B. Cameron, Kedrick Rue, and Theresa Snyder.

The people of Minnesota believe the twin cities to be Minneapolis and St. Paul, but what they don't realize is the name actually refers to a parallel dimension known as The Realms, where creatures of myth roam freely.

Humans stand only a dimensional barrier away from the most terrifying and horrible monsters imaginable, but there are a select few who answer the cries for help, who guard the world of mankind and keep it safe from harm.

The Realms can be a place of great danger, as well as great beauty, where love and loss can be sudden and significant, but make no this world, humanity is just another word for powerless.

Kedrick Rue

Kedrick Rue was named after the street where he was born. He became interested in the paranormal at an early age when he witnessed a fairy wedding in the woods behind his house, an event which his mother still attributes to too much FD&C Red #40 in the Kool-Aid she served him for lunch. He currently resides at The Rectory, an abandoned film set located in Laurel Canyon. A scholar interested in Forteana, the occult, and Dancing Waters shows, many of his books have been printed privately and distributed surreptitiously. THE SIRENS ARE SINGING is his first work of fiction for the public at large.

Malefic giants, baleful specters, hideous were-jaguars. A cavalcade of vile abominations. Ho-hum. As guardian at the gate to the Realms, Charles has seen it all. He would rather spend his pre-dawn hours chatting with Lindsay, the waitress at a run-down diner--a place where words like "vile" are reserved for the soup and "abomination" for the meat loaf. But his growing feelings for Lindsay are making it hard to resist certain long-suppressed urges. Vampiric urges. When a creature abandons a crate full of hungry baby wombats at the entrance to the Realms, Charles finds a twinge of his long-suppressed humanity and takes them home to raise as his own. First mistake. Maybe love is the real monster.

In the topsy-turvy world of the Realms, who is a semi-abstinent vampire to trust? When Charles, a bloodsucker with only one victim to his name, is accosted by a homeless junkie claiming to be his wife, she calls into question all sorts of assumptions about his past. But who is telling the truth? Is it Bitsy, the Seer with the French manicure and the suburban McMansion, who's been trading flower arranging tips with a known enemy? Is it Vivian, the junkie who knows too much? Or is it the Raven, dark Master of the Realms, who for once seems to be on Charles's side? Things only get murkier when the Raven entrusts Charles with a precious asset: a young girl named Delphine who seems to float through life as if in a dream. Oh, well. Just another day in the Realms. THE SIREN IS SILENT is the second book in the Sirens Trilogy, as well as being a part of the larger, multi-author Twin Cities Series.

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